subsistence NOUN 1) the action or fact of subsisting. 2) the means of doing this. 3) (before another noun ) referring to production at a level sufficient only for one's own use, without any surplus for trade: subsistence agriculture.

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  • subsistence — sub‧sis‧tence [səbˈsɪstns] noun 1. [uncountable] a small amount of money or food that is just enough to survive on: • Refugees are dependent for subsistence on support from aid agencies. • Unfortunately, these people have become used to living… …   Financial and business terms

  • Subsistence — Sub*sist ence, n. [Cf. F. subsistance, L. subsistentia.] 1. Real being; existence. [1913 Webster] Not only the things had subsistence, but the very images were of some creatures existing. Stillingfleet. [1913 Webster] 2. Inherency; as, the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • subsistence — (n.) early 15c., existence, independence, from L.L. subsistentia substance, reality, from L. subsistens, prp. of subsistere stand still or firm, from sub under, up to (see SUB (Cf. sub )) + sistere to assume a standing position, from stare to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • subsistence — index aid (help), livelihood, maintenance (support of spouse), subsidy, support (assistance), sustenance …   Law dictionary

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  • subsistence — [səbsis′təns] n. [ME < LL(Ec) subsistentia < L subsister: see SUBSIST] 1. existence; being; continuance 2. the act of providing sustenance 3. means of support or livelihood; often, specif., the barest means in terms of food, clothing, and… …   English World dictionary

  • subsistence — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ bare, basic SUBSISTENCE + NOUN ▪ agriculture, farming ▪ farmer ▪ economy …   Collocations dictionary

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  • subsistence — n. 1) (a) bare, hand to mouth subsistence 2) a means of subsistence * * * [səb sɪst(ə)ns] hand to mouth subsistence (a) bare a means of subsistence …   Combinatory dictionary

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